Citrus Body Wash

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This Natural Body Wash is also a shower gel with a beautiful natural citrus scent, and incredible cleansing properties. A daily rejuvenating body wash that aids in: repairing, and moisturizing skin, reducing acne, and pimples, and includes anti-aging properties.

10 oz.

*Paraben Free* & *Sulfate Free*

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Infused with Italian Bergamot Oil, this product is a fragrance free; also providing a clean burst that touches upon your sense and refreshes your body. Gently cleanses your skin, without stripping it of natural moisture, this body wash nourishes gentle to tough skin. This luxury body wash will leave your skin glowing through the day.

Some customers have seen benefits such as: reduced fine lines/wrinkles, reduced appearance of scars, and stretch marks.


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10 oz., 16oz., 4 oz.

1 review for Citrus Body Wash

  1. Nicole

    It’s truly unbelievable how good this body wash is. It’s so gentle on my skin, and a great moisturizer. The citrus smell is delightful! LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

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