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About Us

The story of Kick began years ago when I was done playing football, and no longer needed to be so big. I was always active, and in many sports, but didn’t find the immediate success I wanted to in losing weight.

Growing up with a single mom, who is highly intelligent, education was always a major priority. So I created a beverage that helped speed up the weight loss component, and covered many other spans of health. I went from 286 lbs to 195 lbs in less than a year, and wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle for others.

Fast forward to now, the beverage is growing, and as a kid I always wanted to allow for my mom to make a product on her own. Coming from companies such as Unilever, Neutrogena, Murad, and making products that span the globe; this body wash was her first thing she could create without a large corporation behind her.

Our story is a story of strength, and adversity. A story that includes a lot of love, and giving back to communities, and pursuing our passions. A story that started off with a mom’s love, and a kids view of changing the world for the better. Gym Rat Body Wash is made for everyone. We all have different “gyms” from the Beach, to Rock Climbing, hiking, a Pilates Studio, Basketball Gym, etc. We’re bringing you products to help promote an active, and healthy lifestyle.


“The power of Kick can’t be denied. Adding this to my lifestyle helped me drop my unneeded weight. I drink two bottles everyday, it allows me to push myself during each workout, helps on my recovery, and most of all allows me to wake up and do it all over again the next day after a full day of work.”

Matt Watson
Founder and President


“Kick is the perfect blend of digestive aids, the enzymes from the fruits help speed up my metabolism, the spices burn body fat and cleanse the colon and the result is a healthier energetic leaner me. It helped me kick my diet soda habit it is my life coach in a bottle. I have seen proof that the benefits increased exponentially with exercise.”

Gerri Watson
Co-Founder and Vice president


“As a personal trainer, I’m excited to integrate Kick into my business and happy to recommend it to my clients. The results are amazing and it’s all natural with no caffeine!”

Tiffanie Tolsma
Kick Ambassador


“In addition to the weight loss, Kick gives me energy that isn’t like 5 hour drinks that just pick you up and then drop you right back down… Kick is more sustained and all natural!”

Nick Waggoner
Kick Ambassador

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